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i) Flameproof Digital Indicator With 72 Glass sparing.
ii) Flameproof Digital Indicator For 1" Display 90x90 Glass Window.
iii) Flameproof Digital Controller Suitable For 1 Set Point.
iv) Flameproof Digital Control For 2 Set Point.
v) Flameproof Instrument Enclosure To Mount Any Panel - Instrument.
vi) Flameproof Instrument Panel Enclosure With Glass Window 50x100 / 90x90 With Push Button, Lamps, Membrane, Pots & Switch Arrangement In JB 250.
vii) Flameproof Instrument Panel with 100x150 mm window Instrument Panel JB 350 (Ø350 x 100 / 160 mm Depth)
viii) Flameproof Instrument Panel 2 Glass Window of 90x90, 100 x 150 (Ø 400x160mm Depth)
ix) Flameproof Instrument Panel Enclosure Suitable For Higher Rating Internal Size With Internal Space Of 600x425x300mm
x) Flameproof Pipe Mount Enclosure For Larger Size Display.
xi) Flameproof Thermocouple Head For Simplex / Duplex Fire.
Xii) Flameproof Specially Designed Enclosure As Per Applications.